About the South Coast Sustainability Network

Our mission: To promote ecological and economic sustainability on the South Coast.

The South Coast Sustainability Network aims to connect a wide range of people:

  • Business people
  • Educators
  • Farmers
  • Real estate developers
  • People in non-profit agencies
  • People in governmental agencies
  • Concerned citizens
  • …and more!

You are invited to attend our meetings! And your business, non-profit, or government department is cordially invited to send one or more people to the next meeting to tell us what you’re up to! See the Upcoming Events on the sidebar of this Web site for the date of the next meeting.

Link up:

We aim to connect a wide range of people, and we would love to connect people to your Web site! Send us the Web address for your non-profit organization, your green business, or your governmental agency, and as long as you have sustainability as part of your mission, we will be glad to place a link to your site in our sidebar. 

Better yet, send us a press release and tell us what you’re doing! We’ll post it here, and people can access it from the News and Events section of the sidebar. Let the world know how you’re promoting sustainability!


South Coast Sustainability Network is run by volunteers. Here are some of the people who make the Network work:–

Carol Steinfeld and Emily Johns serve as meeting conveners. Mark Truran hosts our meetings at the Bristol Building in historic downtown New Bedford (right next to the Green Bean coffee shop). Dan Harper administers this site (you can reach him at danrharper AT aol DOT com).

Harbor Seal

Harbor Seals still live in the waters off South Coastal Massachusetts. By following sustainable practices, we can keep the seals swimming in our waters — and create jobs at the same time!